Every child looks forward to the festival of giving and expects that he will receive something amazing as a gift. With technology growing by leaps and bounds and online and offline stores full of new gifting options it is becoming difficult for the parents to choose that one gift that their child would appreciate and use for some time. In fact, it is overwhelming for the parents to choose any one of these ideas.

One of the best options is to stick to more creative games and toys. Children learn so much when they are playing and how can we forget that look of happiness on their faces when they create something using the molds and dough? Christmas is the right time to buy some gifts that your child will use to learn and play at the same time. I struggled to find that perfect food truck and kitchen set and now my kids love this creative and fun gift. They have created many small picnics with their friends with these.

There are many online stores that provide creative games for kids of all ages. These could help to improve the hand and eye coordination in the smaller kids. For example, the blocks have been popular for decades but now better materials and more shapes have made these blocks more relevant. The kids can learn a lot while playing with interesting games. All their senses can be stimulated when they can feel, touch, listen and see any object. Slowly add word building and picture books to their collection. You can check out the stores for new ideas that help them learn to speak words easily.

Artistic and creative games that can enhance these senses will be more useful from the point of view of parents. You can find modified versions of all kinds of toys and games which make the growing up years more fun. Creativity and education go hand in hand. But the condition is that children should have fun while playing and learning. Give them the gift of this combination when they are growing up.…

December 2018